Consumers have a right to 100% representation in the Moncton real estate marketplace

Consumer’s choice, the freedom to choose representation, is your most important right IN THE real estate marketplace.

In this modern era, buyers and sellers need a firm grasp of the concept of representation (agency) in real estate.

There are benefits in choosing full representation when compared to shared representation, limited representation or no representation at all. In the real estate marketplace representation equals Agency.

Full representation means 100% undivided loyalty from the agent of your choosing.

A seller, upon entering the real estate marketplace, usually chooses either representation by a licensed real estate agency or chooses to sell without representation (for sale by owner).

A buyer entering the marketplace should also choose whether to be represented or to go it alone (unrepresented).

For buyers as well as sellers the highest level of representation is FULL, 100% representation in Single Agency.

In Single Agency the licensed real estate agency represents either the buyer or the seller in a fiduciary capacity. Single Agency means never representing the seller and the buyer in the same transaction.